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IC Training

IC Training Brochure

KAL is offering a range of IC Layout Courses from our partner IC Mask Design.

IC Mask Design is a dynamic engineering organization and industry leader in the provision of Physical Design services to the global semiconductor industry. The company delivers services for analog, RF, mixed-signal and digital designs, and provides a range of training courses covering the complete spectrum of physical design. Founded in 2002.

There are 3 options for performing the courses:
1) Public open courses in Israel Please contact us for more details
2) Unique courses for organizations / companies at their location.
3) Public courses at IC Mask Design Ireland or other locations in Europe.

See below the courses list, and check which one fulfills your employee's technical needs.

1. Custom Digital Layout Techniques (Ref Code: CDLT01)
2. Analog Layout Techniques (Ref Code: ANLT01)
3. Analog Layout, Advanced Techniques (Ref Code: AALT01)
4. RF Layout (Ref Code: RFLT01)
5. Very Deep Submicron Layout (Ref Code: VDSL01)
6. Block Level Layout (Band gap / PLL / ADC /. DAC)
7. Standard Cell Place & Route (Ref Code: SCPR01)
8. Timing Closure in the Backend Design Flow (Ref Code: BETC01)

1-day Seminars

1. Layout Techniques for ESD Structures (Ref Code: LTESD01)
2. Layout Parasitic (Ref Code: LPAR01)
3. Layout Techniques for Improved Yield in Silicon (Ref Code: LYLD01)
4. Layout Noise Isolation (Ref Code: LNOI01)
5. High Power MOS Layout (Ref Code: HPMLP01)
6. Understanding and Improving Device Parasitic (Ref Code: DVCP01)
7. Developing and Implementing a Layout Flow (Ref Code: LFLW01)

We are here for you, Please contact us for more information

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