FPGA conversion EOL

Design Service:

  • ASIC and FPGA Design (Verilog/ VHDL)
  • System-On-Chip (SOC) Design
  • IP integration
  • FPGA Conversion
  • ASIC Conversion - End of Life Replacement
  • Layout and back-end Design till GDSII

Focusing to provide best in class ASIC service form experience point of view, risk, schedule and price, KAL is teaming with leading design houses to deliver complex, high performance & low-power ASIC/SOC solutions

KAL is working with qualified successful vendors. Our partners have successfully delivered leading-edge deep submicron designs, ASIC / SOC solutions leveraging RISC processors, multimillion gate designs, high speed interfaces and analog mix-signal blocks. Our vendors are working with the leading silicon manufacturing (Fabs) based on Full Custom, Standard Cell libraries, Gate Array and Structured Array technologies.

KAL has carefully chosen leading design house with success track record in order to lower the customer risk from design point of view. Our partners have been chosen to be in a win-win business model with the customer. The design service as well as customer service is the core competence of our partners and therefore it’s insure that form business point of view you, the customer and your project is in the center

We are offering flexible business model that include design of an IP or block in the ASIC (digital or analog), design the all ASIC from SPEC, provide back-end service up to GDSII with or without IP insertion/design. In addition we offer Manufacturing Service as well as Consultancy and Project Management Service, locally in Israel, close to you!

COT (Customer Own Tooling) model

  • • ASIC SPEC/Netlist/GDSII to Production
  • • FPGA RTL/Netlist to Production

Flexible Engagement Model: Virtual IDM / Turnkey solution

  • • KAL is responsible for Design/Conversion and customer owned the design and fabrication masks