IC Training

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KAL is offering a range of IC Layout Courses from our partner IC Mask Design.

IC Mask Design is a dynamic engineering organization and industry leader in the provision of Physical Design services to the global semiconductor industry. The company delivers services for analog, RF, mixed-signal and digital designs, and provides a range of training courses covering the complete spectrum of physical design. Founded in 2002

There are 3 options for performing the courses:

  • 1) Public open courses in Israel Please contact us for more details
  • 2) Unique courses for organizations / companies at their location.
  • 3) Public courses at IC Mask Design Ireland or other locations in Europe.

See below the courses list, and check which one fulfills your employee's technical needs.

  • 1. Custom Digital Layout Techniques (Ref Code: CDLT01)
  • 2. Analog Layout Techniques (Ref Code: ANLT01)
  • 3. Analog Layout, Advanced Techniques (Ref Code: AALT01)
  • 4. RF Layout (Ref Code: RFLT01)
  • 5. Very Deep Submicron Layout (Ref Code: VDSL01)
  • 6. Block Level Layout (Band gap / PLL / ADC /. DAC)
  • 7. Standard Cell Place & Route (Ref Code: SCPR01)
  • 8. Timing Closure in the Backend Design Flow (Ref Code: BETC01)

1-day Seminars

  • 1. Layout Techniques for ESD Structures (Ref Code: LTESD01)
  • 2. Layout Parasitic (Ref Code: LPAR01)
  • 3. Layout Techniques for Improved Yield in Silicon (Ref Code: LYLD01)
  • Yield 4. Layout Noise Isolation (Ref Code: LNOI01)process
  • 5. High Power MOS Layout (Ref Code: HPMLP01)
  • 6. Understanding and Improving Device Parasitic (Ref Code: DVCP01)
  • 7. Developing and Implementing a Layout Flow (Ref Code: LFLW01)