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Belledonne has been designed to compare large extracted netlists in order to quickly find differences. Belledonne can very quickly determine if two extracted netlists correspond using statistics and sophisticated analysis of the parasitics without running long-lasting circuit simulation.

Belledonne is a quality tool. In addition to tasks in the design flow, it can be used to compare different settings of a layout parasitics extraction tool, different versions of the same extraction tool, different formats or even compare different layout extraction tools. The tool is also useful to optimize the settings of LPE flows without completely understanding the extraction algorithms.

  1. Determine accurately the impact on insertion delay due to manual changes in the routing without running long lasting Spice simulation or static timing analysis.
  2. Determine the change in capacitive load on all wires moving from one technology to the next.
  3. Compare the results of two different parasitic extraction tools applied on the same layout in order to tune their parameters.
  4. Make sure that a later version of a layout still complies with electrical rules related to the interconnects.
  • Statistics
  • Effective resistance between pins
  • Effective RC-delay between pins
  • Capacitive load on nets

Belledonne is available as a batch-processing tool and with a graphical interface (GUI). The GUI allows to show different types of statistics: histograms or scattering plots.

Belledonne can export results in TSV/CSV file formats.

Example Applications


  • 2 extracted netlists, generated by Star RCXT, Assura QRC/Quantus, Calibre XRC or other
  • Formats: DSPF, SPEF, CalibreView, Spice, Spectre
  • Belledonne can compare cross-formats


  • GUI based scattering plots or histograms showing differences between the two netlists
  • ASCII result files (CSV / TSV)

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