eNews: Crypto IP Cores Review


The DCRP1A – CryptOne IP is aֲ 100% safe cryptographic system


CryptOneֲ ג€“ aֲ 100% safe cryptographic system

It is a universal and fully scalable solution which is able to boost asymmetric cryptographic algorithms like:

  • RSAֲ (keys up 4096 bits) withֲ CRT option
  • Diffie-Hellman
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) in GF(p)
  • Miller-Rabin test

The energy efficient architecture of CryptOne IP core enables usage ofֲ very small silicon footprintֲ withֲ high processing speeds. It can be provided with various different interfaces, includingֲ AMBAֲ AHB,ֲ AXI4ֲ andֲ APB. Very intuitive interface allows fast and straightforward system integration. The core is resistant to timing attacks and contains optional DPA countermeasures. CryptOne system is universal and fully scalable, accelerating up toֲ 4096 bitsֲ big number arithmetic operations such as: modular multiplication, subtraction, addition and shifts. Cryptographic instructions support provides ability to boost public key algorithms likeֲ RSA, Diffie-Hellman and ECC.


The DSHA2-256 – a universal solution which accelerates SHA2-256 hash with HMAC mode.


Theֲ DSHA2-256ֲ is a universal solution whichֲ efficientlyֲ accelerates SHA2-256 hash function compliant with FIPS PUB 180-4. It computes message digest in eitherֲ 256ֲ orֲ 224ֲ bit modes. Allowed input message length is up to 264ֲ ג€“ 1 bit. Depending on the core configuration it also nativelyֲ supports the SHA2-256 HMAC (Keyed-Hash Message Authentication Code), a cryptographic function defined in RFC 2104. This IP is suitable forֲ authenticityֲ andֲ data integrity verification in digital signature protocolsֲ and generally inֲ secure communication. It might also be used inֲ accelerating ofֲ crypto currency computations. What is more, it offersֲ context swapping feature,ֲ which might be used inֲ  complex systems with a taskג€™s preemption mechanism. Its another application can be software managed or custom HMAC scheme. SHA2 is aֲ family of cryptography secure one-way compression functions based on Merkle-Damgard structure, the 256 version sequentially processes 512 bit input blocks during 64 rounds. From arbitrary length input message (maximum 264ֲ ג€“ 1 bits) it produces fixed 256 or 224 bit length digest in a way, that it is practically infeasible to invert it (get original message from its digest). Such property is called a one-way function.ֲ  Cryptographic security of SHA2-256 is assumed at 128 bit level (112 bit in case of SHA2-224) which makes it appropriate for use in security applications. Some of these applications need to prove knowledge or possession of some secret data while computing message digest. For such authentication purpose, the HMAC function has been designed. It combines both secret key and cryptography secure hash function (like SHA2-256).

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