eNews: StarVision® PRO: A Customizable Mixed‐Signal Debugging Platform

StarVision PRO provides engineers with the ability to quickly and easily understand and debug
mixed‐mode designs and to integrate IP building blocks into their complex SoCs and ICs.

All‐in‐One Due to the increasing use of building blocks in SoC design, engineers
need to work at different design levels (RTL, gate, transistor, analog, parasitic) as well as with different
design languages and netlist formats. To support this challenge, Concept Engineering developed
StarVision PRO, an integrated debugging cockpit for mixed‐signal and digital design that makes
analysis and debugging of complex SoC and IC designs easy and more transparent.

Easy Design Exploration The interactive design navigation window shows schematic fragments of just
the critical portion of the design while, at the same time, providing links to the original source code
fragments (RTL, Netlist, SPICE) and to simulation results.

 Verilog‐AMS, SystemVerilog, VHDL, SPICE, HSPICE®, ELDO, Spectre®
 AMS viewer, RTL viewer, Netlist viewer and SPICE viewer in one tool
 Mixed‐Signal Debugger – Makes IP‐based design more transparent
 64‐bit database handles today’s largest SoCs and ASICs
 Integrated Waveform Viewer with source code link and schematic link
 Customizable netlist pruning (Verilog, SPICE, SPEF, DSPF)
 Advanced batch processing for automated tool flow
 Tcl based API for user‐defined electrical rule checks and customization

Verilog‐AMS Support StarVision PRO reads Verilog‐AMS designs and offers exciting options to
explore and debug complex mixed‐signal, SoC, IoT and RF integrated circuits.

Clock Tree Extraction Clock signals are often a source of problems in complex SoC design.
StarVision PRO automatically extracts and analyzes clock trees and gives an immediate view of clock trees and clock domains.

Waveform Viewer and Signal Tracing StarVision PRO comes with a fully integrated waveform
browser and with support for interactive signal tracing in the source code, schematic view and waveform
window. StarVision PRO compiles VCD simulation data into its own high‐speed format for accelerated
waveform browsing and signal tracing.

Path Extraction The customizable path extraction engine can automatically identify and extract critical
paths in a design. These can be explored and cross‐probed in different views to reduce both the
complexity and time of the debug cycle.
Automatic Logic Recognition The built‐in automatic logic recognition engine creates digital logic
schematics from pure SPICE‐level netlists for easy design exploration.

Customization Users can write API code to analyze the design and generate user‐specific design
reports and design rule checks.

Improved Productivity Being able to analyze AMS‐level, RTL‐level, gate‐level and transistor‐level at
the same time in just one debug cockpit increases design and verification engineers productivity,
reducing product development time and debug cycle time.

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