eNews: VarMan ג€“ 30% Faster High Sigma Monte Carlo Analysis and Yield Analysis with Silvaco!


Up to 30%: The innovative approach of VarMan to Monte-Carlo analysis has been designed to provide equivalent results as a classical Monte Carlo Analysis, but with up to 30% time speed-up.Save simulation time, save money!

VarMan is a new generation tool that provides efficient and reliable solutions for analog, RF, standard cells, IO and memory designers.

It comprises a comprehensive suite of analysis tools that allow the designer to accurately address statistical design variations and to make the right design decision upfront. Its user-friendly framework for data loading and viewing.


Breakthrough analysis techniques: Impressive Simulation time speed-up and unique engine for local variability analysis

  • Reliable and mature technology: Tested and validated by major players on most advanced technology nodes (FinFET, FDSOI). Complete control of results accuracy.
  • Smart simulation manager: Simulation results management and high simulation throughput through LSF/SGE cluster.
  • User friendly GUI: Fast and easy to use ג€˜load and analyzeג€™ use model. Clear presentation of results with access to data and waveforms into golden viewers
  • Simulator and environment independent: Supports all golden spice simulators and design environments. Supports most advanced market design kits. Batch mode support


High-Sigma Yield Estimation

Robust & fast high-sigma yield estimator:

Given design performance limit, this analysis will quickly verify and estimate the yield to 4-6+ sigma with a very limited number of simulations. Capturing the process configurations that trigger parametric failures, to accurately estimate the yield and to predict extremely rare events.



HS Yield Analysis:

  • RAM bitcell, Global F. 28nm
  • 5.4 sigma ג€“ eq. of 930M MC runs


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