eNews: Victory -3D Device Simulator

Victory Device is a general purpose 3D device simulator. A tetrahedral meshing engine is used for fast and accurate
simulation of complex 3D geometries. Victory Device performs DC, AC, and transient analysis for silicon, binary,
ternary, and quaternary material-based devices.

ג€¢ Tetrahedral mesh for accurate 3D geometry representation
ג€¢ Voronoi discretization for conformal Delaunay meshes
ג€¢ Advanced physical models with user-customizable material database for
silicon and compound
ג€¢ Stress-dependent mobility and bandgap models
ג€¢ Customizable physical models using the C-Interpreter or dynamically linked
ג€¢ DC, AC, and transient analysis
ג€¢ Drift-diffusion and energy balance transport equations
ג€¢ Self-consistent simulation of self-heating effects including heat generation,
heat flow, lattice heating,
heat sinks, and temperature-dependent material parameters
ג€¢ Methods to simulate the electrochemical reaction and transport of an
arbitrary number of chemical species
ג€¢ Highly customizable chemistry models for simulation of performance
degradation, atomic species
transport, and complex charge-capture mechanisms
ג€¢ Advanced multi-threaded numerical solver library

ג€¢ Atlas-compatible
ג€¢ Silvacoג€™s strong encryption is available to protect valuable customer and
third party intellectual property

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