eNews: Victory -3D Process Simulator

Victory Process is a general purpose layout driven 1D, 2D and 3D process and stress simulator including etching,
deposition, implantation, diffusion, oxidation and stress simulation capabilities.

Fast 3D structure prototyping capability enables the in-depth physical analysis
of specific processing issues:ג€¢ Supports double side wafer processing simulation
ג€¢ Comprehensive simulation support for compound materials, includingvariable compositions
ג€¢ Comprehensive set of diffusion models: Fermi, twodim, single-pair, and fivestream
ג€¢ Comprehensive full flow stress analysis , including stress induced by lattice
mismatch, thermal mismatch, deposition and physical oxidation
ג€¢ Extremely accurate and fast Monte Carlo implant simulation
ג€¢ Efficient multi-threading of time critical operations of implantation, diffusion,
oxidation, and physical etching and deposition
ג€¢ Multi-particle flux models for physical deposition and etching with substrate material redeposition
ג€¢ Open architecture allows easy introduction and modification of customer
specific physical models for etching, deposition and annealing
ג€¢ Seamless link to 3D device simulators including structure mirroring, adaptive
doping refinement and electrode specification
ג€¢ Parametrized layout specification as part of the simulation flow
ג€¢ Convenient mesh specification based on layout features as well as manual
mesh adaptation within the simulation flow
ג€¢ Easy to learn, powerful debug mode and user friendly SUPREM-like syntaxֲ  (Athena compatibility)
ג€¢ Convenient calibration platform and fast process testing with 2D mode (no
need to run 3D for calibration)
ג€¢ Automatic switching from 1D, 2D and 3D mode as well as structure mirroring
during process simulation to optimize simulation time

Victory Process has two modes of operation:
ג€¢ The Advanced structure editor mode, also called cell mode, is for fast proto-typing of 3D
structures, such as image sensors, SRAM cells or FinFETs, where structure output
meshing algorithms are optimized for loading into 3D device simulators for subsequent
electrical characterization.
ג€¢ Process simulator mode, is a full feature, level set based 1D, 2D and 3D process and
stress simulator, more suited to process based analysis, such as complex ion beam milling
experiments and stress dependent oxidation analysis etc.

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