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Today we would like to share with you an article by Mr. Kai-hui Chang form our partner Avery Design Systems.
Avery is a leading provider of Verification IP cores (VIP) as well as X-Verification tool for gate level.
Many engineers under the impression that if they run X-verification on RTL level it’s does not make sense to run X-verification on gate level.

Let’s elaborate more with this article:

VCS Xprop and SimXACT are Complementary, Not Mutually Exclusive!
By Kai-hui Chang



Both VCS Xprop and SimXACT deal with X-issues. However, the issues they address are orthogonal and
the tools are complementary instead of mutually exclusive: the former eliminates X-optimism in RTL
simulation, allowing real Xs to propagate in RTL simulation at the expense of possible false alarms.

The latter eliminates X-pessimism in gate-level simulation so that X propagation becomes hardware
accurate and no unreal, false Xs can propagate. In this paper we compare how they are different and
explain why a complete verification methodology andits outcomes can benefit from employing both


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