Samsung Security Crypto System ג€“ IP Core


The Samsung Security System (SSS) is a security system targeting a wide-range of SoCs such as Mobile, IoT and Automotive devices for secure environment with low power and high performance. All the supported cryptographic algorithms are compliant with the standard and successfully meet the FIPS certification requirements


Key Features

  • Isolated Execution Environment (IEE)
  • Security Processor, Secure Boot ROM
  • RAM for Loadable FW
  • Mailbox Communication
  • Cryptographic Function
  • Secure AES with Side Channel Attack Countermeasure
  • SHA1, SHA2-256/384/512, SHA3-SHA224/256/384/512 with
  • HMAC
  • Public Key Engine (RSA/ECC)
  • TRNG (NIST SP 800-90B Compliant), PRNG(NIST 800-90A
  • Compliant)
  • Secure Key Management
  • Hardware Key Management using PUF KEY
  • Key Derivation (SP 800-108) and Wrapping(SP 800-38F) using HW Unique Key
  • System Function
  • DMA, Descriptor DMA Support
  • Parallel/Concurrent Cryptographic Processing
  • ECC (Error Correction Code) Feature
  • Power Efficient Scheme
  • Low Power Features for Both ISP (Isolated Security Processor) and Crypto Engine
  • All-in-one Security Solution Package combining SSS and Software Solution


  • Secure Execution Environment
  • Secure Booting
  • Secure Key Management
  • DRM (Digital Right Management)
  • Cryptographic Processing

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