eNews: Crypto IP Cores Review


CryptOne – a 100% secure cryptographic system based on more than 20 years experience. It is a universal and fully scalable solution which is able to boost asymmetric cryptographic algorithms like:

  • RSA (keys up 4096 bits) with CRT option
  • Diffie-Hellman
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) in GF(p)
  • Miller-Rabin test

The energy efficient architecture of CryptOne IP core enables usage of very small silicon footprint with high processing speeds. It can be provided with various different interfaces, including AMBA AHBAXI4 and APB. Very intuitive interface allows fast and straightforward system integration. The core is resistant to timing attacks and contains optional DPA countermeasures. CryptOne system is universal and fully scalable, accelerating up to 4096 bits big number arithmetic operations such as: modular multiplication, subtraction, addition and shifts. Cryptographic instructions support provides ability to boost public key algorithms like RSA, Diffie-Hellman and ECC.

Key Features: 


  • CryptOne constant time algorithms:
    • Modular exponentiation,
    • Parallel modular exponentiation CRT
    • ECDSA sign/verify
    • ECDH
    • Elliptic curve point multiplication
    • Modular multiplicative inverse
    • GCD
    • Modular reduction
    • Multiplication
    • Division
  • Cryptographic algorithm applications:
    • RSA key generation
    • RSA Sign/Verify/Encrypt/Decrypt
      • Diffie-Hellman schemes
      • Miller-Rabin Primality check
    • System applications:
      • Client-server communication
      • Sensor networks
      • SSL/TLS stacks
      • IoT devices
      • Embedded security/ID devices
    • AMBA AHB, AXI4, APB interface ready
    • Rapid & easy development with delivered API
    • Patent pending architecture
    • Algorithms resistant against SPA and timing attacks
    • CryptOne elliptic curves with native support:
      • NIST P-192
      • NIST P-224
      • NIST P-256
      • NIST P-384
      • Koblitz P-192
      • Koblitz P-256
      • Koblitz P-384
      • Brainpool P-256
      • Brainpool P-384
      • Brainpool P-512
      • Other/custom curves optional support
  • Software support:
    • OpenSSL engine
    • MbedTLS port
    • OS independent crypto library


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