Our Mission

“To improve our customer’s high-tech products and sales by providing Low-Risk ASIC/VLSI Services, Products & Business Development”

Our Mission:

"To improve our customer's high-tech products and sales by providing Low-Risk ASIC/VLSI Services, Products & Business Development"

Our Story:

Established in 2003 by Mr. Adi Katav, KAL’s  mission is to contribute through ASIC/VLSI services and technologies to improve our customer’s product and increase sales with low-risk at a reasonable price

In the dynamic VLSI world of fablesses, chip makers and product companies, each segment requests a specific service, each segment request different business model and expertise. Listening to the market needs, we create value by providing project management and consultancy for medical companies and product companies in order to choose the right ASIC solution and perform all steps needed towards a successful IC

We pay close attention to schedule, cost and design experience. Therefore we setup a worldwide cooperations with experienced vendors and individuals to support low risk VLSI service and technology transfer. Among our customers you may find: foundries, chip makers, fablesses, automotive, medical and consumer customers

Today we are proud to have customers worldwide in Israel, Europe, US and ASIA. Complex projects such as automotive certified ICs, Medical ICs, analog/RF design, System On a Chip (SOC), layout, EDA tools and EDA tools development, Standard Cell development and consultancy projects

For the past several years, based on our knowledge of international markets, we have been providing business development service for foundries and chip companies seeking presence in ASIA and building business plans for growth

KAL’s founder, Mr. Adi Katav is a Computers Science Engineer graduate at the Ben-Gurion University and a Marketing Management Master (MBA-MAMM) graduate at the Derby University. Mr. Katav has long experience record working in the hi-tech market world wide 

KAL is certified as an official IDF supplier (Dec 2016)

Our Core Values:

  • Personal experienced service for customer success
  • Lower our customer's risk
  • Develop technologies, alliances and business to meet customer's goals
  • Commitment to high quality
  • Long-term relationship
  • Integrity above all else

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