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KAL has established in 2003 with the mission to provide ASIC and VLSI services to fablesses and to product makers. During the years we have established partnership all over the word

Our uniqness is to provide off the shelf IP products for ASIC/FPGA development a long with design services to meet the customer specification in term of VLSI design and software

We have customers for IP cores, StdCell, IOs, ESD Cells, analog design service, layout service, verification IP cores, EDA tools, EDA tools development up to Automotive ASIC Trunkey service

During the years we have done Layout training and technology training to our customer

We have tremendous success with our professional consultancy service to companies seeking for ASIC/FPGA solution and for semiconductor companies seeking for business in ASIA

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About KAL:


KAL provides Semiconductor services since 2003 in Israel and worldwide. Among our customer you may find, fablesses, chip makers, foundries, design houses and EDA vendors

Our products and services:

  • Turnkey ASIC solution, automotive certification
  • IP/VIP cores
  • Analog/RF layout service
  • Analog deigns service
  • StdLib, IOs, ESD development
  • VLSI Training
  • EDA tools
  • Semiconductor Consultancy
  • Business Development

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