eNews: ICMASK design training courses are now available live


Due to special time we are facing, all ICMASK design training courses are now available live. We are running the courses live for groups form the same company

Investment in training has become more important than ever, with the Layout of an IC having more influence over functionality.


IC Mask Design training courses are focused entirely on IC Layout. There are courses available from Introduction to Analog Layout up to FinFet Layout Techniques, and these will suit Engineers with any level of experience.


They are also suitable for Designer Engineers that wish to gain better understanding of layout. Course attendees will learn about the Layout Methodology developed by IC Mask Design which is based on best practice and which eliminates bad habits and common mistakes often made in Layout. Experience has also taught, that whilst many engineers have been trained how to do layout, it is often the case that they don’t understand the reasons why they are doing it that way. Understanding why makes Layout Engineers more effective, particularly when moving to smaller technology nodes. IC Mask Design courses focus on the why.

As the courses are methodology based, they are EDA tool and foundry independent.




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