Why You Should Consider Custom IO Solutions


The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the semiconductor industry from a traditional scaling path to a diverse ecosystem with applications spanning across the performance-power-area space and a broad range of technologies. By using generic IO solutions you are likely leaving something on the table.


Performance is addressed by our multi-protocol GPIO that can support a variety of standards with extended specs across multiple voltages, along with our specialized high-speed die-to-die interface solutions.

Area is optimized by stripping away unnecessary features and by our proprietary ESD architectures, delivering better ESD performance in a smaller footprint. Additionally our solutions can support multiple protocols on a single efficient design, reducing pin count requirements.

Power is optimized by offering IOs that can operate at different voltages selectable by the system; by creating dedicated IOs tailored for low-power operation; by offering sleep modes, latching data during sleep; by ensuring power sequence independence with built-in power-on-reset control; and by enabling fail-safe modes for when power-downs occur.

Robust ESD performance is challenging for many companies making new designs. Certus was founded by ESD engineers, and our results speak for themselves. Not only do we address standard ESD requirements such as HBM and CDM, but we also provide on-chip solutions for standards such as system-level IEC 6100-24-2 and Cable Discharge Events (CDE). Many of our standard IO designs exceed 2KV IEC. Certus also supports solutions for EOS.

Certus works closely with our clients to provide custom solutions affordably and with fast turnaround.  By leveraging our large IP database spanning geometries from 180nm to 12nm and applications from low-voltage CMOS to HV, we likely have a starting point from which we can affordably create the variations you need. Our building-block design style easily enables us to create configurations to fit a variety of cell sizes, aspect-ratios, pad arrangements, and packages.

Specialty IO solutions are our strength. We hold 3.3V-5V digital & analog solutions in native 1.8V processes. We offer >20V switches in standard low-voltage CMOS technology, allowing for their direct integration with high-voltage analog, sensors, RF and MEMS solutions. Our full-custom RF and analog libraries target robustness, noise, distortion, low-capacitance, increased ESD, and more. We even have TSV (through-silicon-via) IOs.  Whatever your application requires, we can probably make it!

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