Manufacturing Service

KAL provides through its ASIC/Foundry partners and Supply Chain Service partners the follow services for different type of application and technologies includes CMOS, Bipolar, BiCMOS and SiGe processes. We offer turnkey solution includes package assembly and test. As an entry the customer can deliver ASIC Specification or RTL/Netlist/GDSII and our services will include design and production.

Manufacturing service includes:

  • Wafer Foundry Service
  • Prototype manufacturing via Shuttle Runs / Multi Project Wafers (MPW) of the FABs, privet MPW runs and engineering lots.
  • Packaging and assembly
  • ASIC assembly
  • Advanced packaging such as stack dies assembly, package with lead and 3D packaging
  • Hybrid and multi-Chip-module (MCM)
  • Test

Shuttle Runs / Multi Project Wafers (MPW) Program Service

KAL provides through its partners a quick and low cost shuttle runs / Multi project wafer (MPW) to varies of geometry and foundries. The MPW program provides the customer with fast prototype in limited quantities and help the customer to verify the design in silicon. The program save cost by sharing MASK sets, lower the risk and get new design quickly in the market.
The customer can access the MPW program by delivering GDSII, RTL or Netlist database. When RTL or Netlist database is provided, high skills engineers will perform back- end design process and create for the customer GDSII database. The database will be owned by the customer and may be used later.

Turnkey Solution

An ASIC whether it’s digital, analog or mixed-signal may be packed and tested before shipment to the final customer. Moreover there are fabrication yield to take in account as well as assembly difficulties, thermal analysis of the device, test issues and more parameters that build the entire device.
Form logistics point of view, well experienced engineers will be working in front of the manufacturers in order to build the supply Chain for low risk, low yield, lower manufacturing time and best price.
KAL provides Supply Chain Service in house and via partners for leading edge foundries all over the planet for varies silicon geometry and applications. Contact us and we will be happy to assist you for manufacturing.
Our partners offer also a broad range of design service, including back-end design service, front-end design service, IP design, analog and mixed-signal design
(PLL, DAC,…) and IP portfolio. Further support can be offer in terms of system and ASIC feasibility study, system design includes FPGA design for proof of concept.